Does your room and tour rate include SST?
Does your food & beverage price include SST?
Does your food & beverage price include Service Charge?


Does The Village House runs the shuttle service in the Damai Peninsular?
Are the shuttle service chargeable?


What information should I know before I make any reservations?
Child Policy: Strictly NO children under 12
Non smoking Accommodation
Advance room reservations is advised
Check-in from 1PM and Check Out by 11AM
Coordinates – 1°43’342”N 110°18’951”. Download locality map, PDF/560KB
NO Village House signage outside.
Room/Bed rates are inclusive of breakfast
Room/Bed rates are nett but not inclusive of Tourism Tax which are chargeable on room bookings only.
Tourism Tax of RM10 per room per night is chargeable to non-Malaysian except for foreigners with MyPR card or work permit issued in Sarawak.
Cancellation Policy – As a small, independent, destination accommodation, any cancellations or changes of date are likely to result in an empty room. As such all prepayment will be forfeited as cancellation fee. SLA must be notified by email of any cancellation of reservation. However, at the sole discretion of SLA, refunds may be given due to extenuating circumstances
Non-halal food and beverage. Option to dine at neighbouring eateries can be arranged.
Local practices – The call for prayers from the mosques in the village gives you a sense of where you are – in a quaint Malay Village in Borneo. It takes a while to get use to this. Strictly No Footwear indoors, including your rooms, Flying Frog Bar and hospitality areas. Do read about the science and benefits of grounding & earthing.
Transfers can be arranged for a fee. Cheaper options would be to use Taxi, Uber or Grab.
The Village House Terms & Conditions
For Room
Can I make reservation through phone call?
No. We encourage you to pre-book your room thru our online reservation system by clicking on the Booking link in the menu above.
How can I book online if I do not have a credit card and I am not in Kuching?
Please email us at inf[email protected] to make alternative arrangements.
Can I just walk-in to The Village House?
No. We encourage you to pre-book your room thru our online reservation system.


Do you accommodation children at The Village House?
 We ONLY accommodate children of 12 years and older.
What happens if I have an under 12 child whilst checking-in, having had a confirmed reservation already?
We will stick strictly to our ‘No children under 12‘ policy. Should you insist to check in with the child, we will cancel your reservation and all prepayments will be forfeited.


I am not a stay-in guests, can I walk-in to dine for Lunch & Dinner?
Yes. Prior arrangements is appreciated. Call +60128890600.
Can I dine in The Village House’s Blue Ginger Restaurant if I am not a staying guests?
Can I use The Village House facilities when I am dining in the Restaurant and am not a stay-in guests?


Can I have my wedding photos taken at The Village House?
Yes, only if you booked the whole place for exclusive use.

Inspection visit

Can I do an inspection of The Village House?
Yes but you must call +60126651866 to make arrangements.

Swimming Pool

Do I have to wear proper swimwear in the pool?
Yes. This is to avoid discoloration of the water and inappropriate wear may mean that we need to put more treatment to the pool and that will translate to higher maintenance.
Can I drink from a glass in the pool?
No. The danger of broken glass going unseen in the water and hurting someone is real and can be extremely dangerous.


Can I organise corporate events, weddings and large parties (in excess of 20 pax) at The Village House?
Yes if you book the entire property for exclusive use. The Village House is ideal for such small meaningful events. An exclusive use surcharge of RM1000 applies.
How many people can I invite?
The Village House can accommodation a maximum of 36 stay-in guests and can cater to a total of 45 diners.


How far is the beach from The Village House?
The natural beach is 3 minutes walk from The Village House.
Can I see the beach from The Village House?
No. You will need to make your way over the sea wall to get access to the beach.

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