Art Collection

An interesting collection of arts, antiques and crafts are showcased throughout The Village House. Collected over the years by owners Donald & Marina throughout their travels, these unique exhibits add to the artistry of the property.

‘Jelu’ Animal Carvings

Collected from the many villages in the Sri Aman Division approximately 200km from Kuching City, these whimsical wood carved ‘toys’ are lovingly c...
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Burmese Marionettes

Myanmar or Burma has had a long history of puppetry and especially famous is the Mandalay Marionettes. Master puppeteers breathe life into these fabul...
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Antique Burmese Bullock Cart

This beautiful antique Bullock Cart was acquired from a Burmese family in Bagan. Used more than a century ago, this impressive work of art has been hi...
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Burmese Bullock Cart

The Bullock Cart is still an important means of transport by the rural peoples of Burma. Exquisitely handmade out of fine Burmese Teak in a little vil...
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